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How can a sensory garden fill your nursing home?


How can a sensory garden fill your nursing home?

Our client’s biggest worry is an empty room. Our manager’s skills are in caring for people not marketing and selling.  Unfortunately all care and nursing homes have a turnover of residents so too many empty rooms at any one time can be a strain on the business.

It’s too late to act when you have 3 empty rooms

You need a long term plan to keep your care or nursing home full, a marketing plan.  Marketing is about building your reputation, about building relationships so that when someone needs a bed urgently for their mother coming out of hospital, they think of you.  It’s about communicating with your potential customers on a regular basis to keep you in their minds.

What should you be saying?

You need to be telling people about what makes your home unique; your USP in marketing terms, your unique selling point.  Why would anyone place their mother with you rather than the neighbouring home?  Is it your location? Your view? The layout of your home? The expertise of your staff?

Make your sensory garden your USP

If you are struggling to decide what differentiates you from your neighbours then you can set about creating that differentiation.  An attractive garden makes an immediate impact and creates that all important good first impression.  But a garden especially designed to benefit those suffering from dementia has enormous added value.

Gardens and gardening can be of enormous benefit to dementia sufferers.

The Dementia services centre at Stirling University and the charity Thrive, have been carrying out studies to evaluate the potential benefits of gardening for those suffering from dementia.

‘People outside and exercising can maintain an active interest in their environment and their cognitive abilities decline slower’ Annie Pollock landscape designer from the designer services centre at Stirling University.

  • Core skills from a lifetime may remain even if the disease destroys other aspects of their personality
  • Sense of smell can be wonderful for triggering strong memories
  • The sense of calm of a garden can help to reduce stress levels
  • Benefits of vitamin D to keep bones healthy – half hour of sunlight per day is the recommended daily dose.

Benefits for your business as well as your residents

You have a USP in providing a dedicated space, specifically designed to enhance the well being and health of some of your more challenging residents, but in addition you have a wonderful space for the use of your resident’s friends and family.  You can use the space to help build relationships with the community by encouraging volunteers to come and help in the maintenance of the garden.  You have something to shout about and tell people about – the new wildlife that has been attracted to your garden and of course you can report on the benefits to your residents.

As long as you have a little space..

We can help you make the most of it.  Just get in touch to discuss your ideas with us.  We can help you implement them and to promote your garden when it’s complete.


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