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How to improve staff training, access expert support, and reduce your costs





At Langfords we aim to share our expertise to support your business.  You can’t be an expert at everything.

The trick is to bring in the knowledge and experience of others and learn from them when you need to.  Use us to free up your time to concentrate on the important parts of your job.

Staff time as a business resource

Using time effectively is a vital business skill; time is a resource and an expensive one at that. You need to have your staff spend their time on the floor but you also have to spend time developing staff to ensure that they are competent and capable of delivering care to a high standard.  It’s a balancing act.  Here’s how we can help.

Langfords Training and Support Package

Langfords provide a comprehensive training and consultancy package that can include: all the required courses for Carers and Ancillary Staff, Food Safety Support, Chef Consultation Service, and Health & Safety Support. But the point of the package is that you include in it what your business needs and can afford.  Decide what you need and pay for it over the whole year.

We have grouped courses together to make up training days so that you can complete several related topics in a day, saving you time.  But if this dose not  suit the way you work we are happy to deliver the courses you want when you want them.

How much will it cost you? See if it saves you money.

The cost of the package is dependent on the number of training days you require.  The support for your catering operation and health & safety advice is included in the cost.

Sign up for our contract and get free places on our next Level 3 Supervising Food Safety Course.Course dates are: Tues 29th October, Tues 5th Nov and Tues 12th Nov

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