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Free St John’s First Aid App

St John's free app



St John’s Wales training team have sent out the link to their free app.

Knowing what to do in the first few minutes of an emergency is vital.

The official St John Wales app contains simple step-by-step advice on dealing with injuries such as severe bleeding, burns and scalds and choking, while also giving advice on how to give CPR and other treatments.

The first aid quiz helps you test your knowledge and lets you share your score on social media.
The information is hosted on the app itself, meaning that once downloaded, no internet connection is needed. It is fully bilingual in English and Welsh and best of all, it’s free. Get this essential app on your smartphone or tablet now.
Download from iTunes here. Download from Google Play here.
Or search for ‘St John Wales First Aid’ on iTunes or the Google Play store.
Please forward this to all of your staff as we would like everyone to have access to life saving information.

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