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Free St John’s First Aid App

    St John’s Wales training team have sent out the link to their free app. Knowing what to do in the first few minutes of an emergency is vital.   The official St John Wales app contains simple step-by-step advice on dealing with injuries such as severe bleeding, burns and scalds and choking, while […]

Local Authorities are checking on Legionella Compliance

  Local Authorities are Checking on Legionella Compliance     Following the death last year of a care home resident from legionella disease, local authorities in Wales are checking that care and nursing homes are complying with the law.   Don’t Panic, we can help.     The legal requirements It is a legal requirement […]

10 Steps to Leading an Effective Care Home Supervision

Here’s some good points that we’ve found on the Focal Point Training website Supervision is a vital part of a Manager’s responsibility to support staff members. These meetings can help the performance, development and motivation of your team, as well as create a relationship based on openness and honesty. Use the following checklist to […]

5 Ideas for Entertaining your Residents

As trainers and consultants to the care sector, we at Langfords visit a great many Care and Nursing homes and meet hundreds of caring people. When talking to Care staff and to Home Managers they tell us that one of their hardest tasks is to find appropriate activities for their residents.  Sharing ideas seems to […]

Our Next First Aid Course

 Update your First Aid Skills and Save Someones Life Our next course will be at our training venue in the centre of Swansea on Fri 15th February. There is a 60% chance of surviving a heart attack provided you are lucky enough to have 4 things in place: Fast 999 call Immediate CPR Early use […]

Silver Copper Ionisation to kill Legionella Bacteria

Silver – Copper  Ionisation Langford’s have taught Infection Control for many years within the Hospitality and Care Industries. With this in mind we are always open to new ideas and technologies to help our clients. Silver – Copper have been known for hundreds of years as an effective killer of pathogens and diseases, including Legionella […]

Inspirational Workshops

We are planning a series of Inspirational Workshops in the New Year to help you motivate your team and improve your business.  They will give your senior staff the opportunity to share best practice and pinch good ideas from us and others. They will cover such topics as Person Centred Dementia Care, Nutrition and Menu […]

Dementia Live the Moment

Distant memories oh memories are all I have left. I sit in a chair I can’t remember buying. I’m surrounded by people I do not know. They smile and bring me tea, they call me Jack, so that must be my name. My wife came today, as she does most I think. At first when […]

The Caring Angels & Tom

The sun shines through a slit in the curtains of his little room. Reflected dancing colours from the lamp, almost makes Tom laugh. Sue one of his angels comes in, “good morning Tom how are you this fine and beautiful day”. “I’m alive” he croaks and then grins at her at their little joke. First […]