New Builds that Cost Less

Many of our clients are looking to expand their business. To help to put your ideas into practice we have teamed up with an Eco Build Company IPP Ltd.

You have the fantastic ideas; we can provide the practical expertise.

We can deliver:

  • A building or extension that will help to reduce your heating costs by being fantastically thermally efficient
  • A building that’s extremely fire resistant
  • That’s easy and quick to construct
  • Adaptable in design
  • With a range of user friendly features for dementia sufferers

This is achieved by building with Integra Spec

Integra Spec is an extremely thermally efficient building system introduced from Canada. It is manufactured in Wales and delivered to your site in blocks. This enables the construction of your New Home to be fast and efficient.

The Pembrokeshire Elephant Barn

To see Integra Spec in action; click on the link to see the elephants helping to build their new barn.

An Elephant Barn for Valli the temple elephant based in Skanda Vale Monastery, Pembrokeshire. Valli’s impressive 500 square meter residence consists of a steel framed barn, IntegraSpec ICF Wall System, innovative heated walls using the unique exposed concrete face from Integraspec and all the home comforts, including sandpits, a waterfall feature and a plunge pool.

Start putting your ideas into practice by phoning Langfords on 0772 555 1022 or email