Food Safety Advice and Support

Ensure that you Achieve a Grade 5 Food Hygiene Rating

70% of our customers achieve a Grade 5 Food Hygiene Rating and 30% improve on their previous score. We can help you to proactively manage your food safety so that you and your team can be proud of the standards you set and be confident of satisfying the EHO.

The Mandatory Display of Ratings

From September 2013 it will be mandatory to display your Food Hygiene Rating prominently. This rating says a lot about your business – I hope that the story is good. At Langfords we have been developing our Food Safety System for 10 years and it has been scrutinised by all the Food Hygiene Officers in South Wales.

We are confident that we can help you by:

  • Providing a Food Safety Audit that will enable you to proactively manage your food safety.
  • Providing a proven HACCP Management System that has been tailored to your business
  • Providing and easy to use Log Book to demonstrate your ‘due diligence’
  • Providing an excellent time saving way of Supervising your Food Safety
  • Providing support and advice in responding to the EHO inspections – we will speak to the EHO on your behalf
  • Providing training for your team to ensure that the inspection goes well – even on your day off!

Have Confidence in Your Management

The hardest section of the EHO report to change is the ‘confidence in management’. We can support you to have confidence in your own management and confidence in your team. Then you are on to a winner.

Don’t leave getting in touch till you’ve had an uncomfortable meeting with the EHO. Call us BEFORE your inspection is due and be pleased to see you Food Hygiene Officer

Tel: 01639 643875 or email

guaranteeOur Guarantee:
We will refund your money if your grading goes down as a result of our advice.