Legionella Control: Comply with the Law, Stay Safe, & Save Money

Complying with the legislation, and ensuring that your building does not endanger life by spreading the legionella bacteria, can be daunting to those of us who manage buildings as part of our job. At Langfords we aim to support our customers by making their lives easier. To this end we have teamed up with legionella experts to ensure that you can comply with the law, control the legionella bacteria and perhaps, save money.

We are able to help you by:

  • Surveying your building and completing a Legionella Risk Assessment – a legal requirement
  • Completing a Schematic Drawing of your water system – a legal requirement.
  • Evaluating your legionella control system for effectiveness – a legal requirement
  • Managing the regular checks on your system to comply with your risk assessment
  • Offering alternative ways to control legionella that would be 100% effective for your building and save you money

How Most People Control Legionella

Most small to medium sized businesses control legionella by running their boilers at 65°c, cleaning the water tanks, disinfecting the shower heads quarterly, checking the tmvs regularly and flushing out the complete system weekly. With cost of fuel today this is a time consuming and very expensive option.

Our consultants will:

  • Suggest alternative legionella control methods to be compliant with HSE guidelines
  • Install and maintain a system that will be 100% effective
  • Provide fuel saving products to support the costs of your legionella controls


Start saving on fuel costs straight away by contacting us on
0772 555 1022 or email info@langfordsconsultancy.com

Our Guarantee: we won’t alter your legionella control system unless we can improve the effectiveness and save at least 20% of your energy cost.