Food Safety Auditing Services

LANGFORDS offer comprehensive Food Safety Audits. The audit covers 40 areas and will provide a thorough evaluation of your food safety procedures. This will strengthen your due diligence documentation that is now required by law. The Audit will also show to all staff in a proactive way how they can further improve their food safety working practices. Managers and Staff will receive a feedback session from a consultant with many years experience in the trade. He will provide recommendations which will support the business in providing safe food to their customers. It is important that the Food safety Audit is shown to visiting EHO’s. It provides invaluable evidence of the proactive approach of your organisation towards food safety.

After the audit a report is compiled and presented during a briefing with management and staff, approximately 1 week later. Your Food Safety Audit is a valuable document and should be kept safely in your Food Safety HACCP Management File.

(We will demonstrate how Food Safety Audits can identify development needs, increase staff awareness and recommend improvements to your food safety procedures. Additionally we will support you in implementing these strategies within your organisation.)