Social Concern

concern-logoOur Ethos

At Langfords we are very grateful for the benefits that our society has provided for us and we are committed to ‘putting something back’. We have a very grand ethos; we would like to reduce global poverty by promoting health education around the world, address the challenges of climate warming by reducing our carbon footprint, and promote the sum total of human happiness by providing stimulating and inspirational learning opportunities. But we are a small company and can’t do these things by ourselves, so we have selected a partner in Concern Universal.

Langfords Support Concern Universal

Concern Universal is a charity based in Herefordshire who are delivering the sort of projects that we believe to be very worthwhile. Concern Universal is an international development organisation. They aim to tackle poverty at the grass roots. They believe in building the skills of people in communities to deliver practical solutions to such problems as poor sanitation and lack of education.

Providing Clean Water Around the World

Concern Universal has been providing clean water and toilets to communities in 9 countries around the world for the last 20 years. Last year they provided 845,034 people with access to safe water. They help communities to raise funds to maintain their water systems, establish water committees, and train local government to give better support.

The Concern Universal web site gives wonderful examples of the benefits that their project brings to people around the world. We at Langfords are committed to supporting them because they do on a worldwide scale what we aim to do locally.

How We Help Education Locally

We aim to give practical training at a local level and have teamed up with the YMCA to provide training to local people, providing skills, linked to actual job opportunities.

We Provide Clean Water

We aim to support our clients to provide a safe environment. The legionnaire control systems we install in the UK also provide pathogen free water. Our target is to be the market leaders within the next 5 years with these exciting products. This will help us to further support the brilliant work of Concern Universal.

Our Promise: 5% of our profit will be donated to Concern Universal.